Maintaining and sealing your stone. Most natural stone worktops are impregnated with a special stone sealer by Global Marble & Granite before being handed over to you. Ask us if your selected stone needs sealer and if it is included in your quote.

Oil and acid – avoid as much as possible as it can stain as if it was carved into the stone, despite its indestructibility. Natural stone also has its enemies and these are oil and acid. The rules are simple: always put away oil bottles, quickly wipe away traces of fruit and vegetables. But do not worry too much: Stone is very easy to look after without much hassle especially granite and engineered stone.

Avoid aggressive cleaners. Natural stone is actually a very easy-care product. A damp cloth and a little dish-washing liquid is usually enough to remove the stains. But if that does not help you may have to resort to stronger products. Nevertheless, avoid acidic or oily detergents as they can cause additional discolouration.

Engineered stone does not require any sealing.

Natural stone like granite and marble need regular re-sealing. Sealer is easy to apply and you can do it yourself, or give us a call and we can send someone out for a small cost.

How to check if my stone needs a new coat of sealer.