About Global Marble & Granite

Global Marble & Granite, owned by Greg Marach and Peter Michnik, is a manufacturer of custom order stone products suitable for all domestic and commercial applications. Based in Dianella, Western Australia, we are committed to crafting the highest quality custom stone benchtops and stone splashbacks.

Everything we do is designed to fit our customers' space and requirements and we use the latest technology to design and craft your benchtops. No two orders are ever alike and we pride ourselves on our customer focus.

Frequently asked questions

Where do we start?

  1. send us your plans so we can give you a quote
  2. if you accept the quote we'll ask you to pay a deposit
  3. make your final colour selection
  4. notify us when your cabinets and templates are ready
  5. we'll pick-up and double check templates and measurement
  6. allow about 10 days for manufacture
  7. installation
  8. make final payment
  9. enjoy your new benchtops

Do you charge for quotes?

No, we do not charge for quotes, even if you ask us to change it multiple times until you are happy with our price.

How long will my quote take?

We usually have your quote ready within 1-3 days of requesting it, depending on the size and complexity of the job.

Can you give me a price per metre for kitchen benchtops?

Global Marble & Granite does not provide price per metre quotes. All our benchtops, splashbacks and other stone products are made-to-order and designs are drawn up to your specification. Everything is worked out in detail in order not to overcharge our customers and to give you a fair price.

Will Global Marble & Granite install my benchtops?

Yes we will, in fact we recommend that we install your stone benchtops, splashbacks, vanities or whatever else you are ordering from us.

Can I install my stone benchtops myself?

Yes you can, but we always recommend that we install your benchtops and splashbacks due to special tools and glues required, especially if there is joining of the stone involved. 

If you just have a simple straight forward benchtop you might be able do it yourself. Just ask us and we will try to recommend the most cost effective way for your installation.

How long will it take to manufacture my stone benchtop?

In general it will take about 10 days to manufacture your stone benchtops (from pick up of templates/final measurements and deposit being paid). Depending on the size of the job and the current workload times can vary.

What is the thickness of the stone?

Most natural and engineered stone slabs used in Western Australia are 20mm thick (+-1mm). Some ceramic products come in 3mm, 6mm and 12mm thicknesses.

What edge details can I have on my stone benchtop?

We can manufacture almost any type of edge detail from standard bullnose, sharknose, fatbelly, palladio or square polished edge with pencil round to mitred edge finish. Custom shapes can be produced as well if required. Click here to see our benchtop profiles.

Why do you not do an arris, bevel or chamfer on your stone edges?

An arris, bevel or chamfer is more prone to chip than a pencil round. As a standard we always do a pencil round to our edges unless you specifically ask for an arrised edge. When you get quotes from other companies ask them if they quoted you an arris or a pencil as a pencil edge is more labour intensive therefore more costly.

Can you transform our old timber or laminate benchtops to Granite?

We don't use a granite transformation product, we only use solid natural stone and engineered stone products which normally are used to replace your existing old timber or laminate benchtops.

Can marble, granite or engineered stone be installed over existing benchtops?

In general the answer is no. Stone must be affixed directly to cabinet carcasses. Current tops should be removed prior to templates being picked up by our installers. Should you require assistance with this contact us so we can organize this for you for a small fee.

What thickness does natural stone like marble or granite come in?

In Perth it is most common to use 20mm thick stone slabs. Some porcelain or ceramic based slabs come in 3mm, 6mm and 12mm thicknesses. We can laminate stone together to achieve a thicker look if required.

How long are the stone slabs?

There is no standard size the stone comes in. All natural stone slabs vary greatly in size. Most engineered stone slabs about 3000mm x 1400 although most manufacturer are offering bigger slabs up to 3300mm x 1600mm. 

Contact us so we can find out how long your kitchen island cabinets should be to avoid a join or seam. 

Are joins in the benchtop very visible?

Join is a join and it will always be visible if you look for it. When a join is necessary we will always try to make a join through either the sink or cooktop or in an area which is less seen. A join through a sink or cooktop is less visible as they are only short. 

If a join cannot be avoided for e.g an island benchtop then we might suggest a bookmatch join if such slabs are available in your stone selection.

We at Global Marble and Granite will always discuss the join location with you when you have natural stone selected as your benchtop. 

Where can the joints and seams be placed in engineered stone benchtops?

One of the big disadvantages of engineered stone products compared to natural stone is that we cannot produce L-shape benchtops as this will void the warranty of the manufacturer. There no such limitations with Granite or Marble benchtops.

Can I choose my own natural stone slab for my kitchen or splashback?

Yes you can if you choose a natural stone from our warehouse then we can show you different slabs to choose the ones you like.

If you select a stone from another reseller like Granite Warehouse or CDK stone for example then you need to ask them. If they decline then ask us as we might be able to help.

Can I see the whole stone slab before you cut it?

Yes off course. Most reputable stone company will call you in before they cut any natural stone to discuss joins, grain directions and so forth with you for no extra cost. When you get quotes from other companies make sure you will get the same service from them.

We also offer this service for all the new marble look engineered stone slab products. Just ask us if you want to make sure that we call you in, regardless what stone you have selected.

What is the difference between Granite and Engineered stone?

Due to its high durability throughout the furniture range, especially as a kitchen worktop, Granite is very suitable. Working on doughs, placing hot pots, cutting with knives, with proper care and sealer will be difficult to stain or damage.

Engineered stone is an artificially produced composite rock that consists of up to 93% natural quartz. Quartz is one of the hardest raw materials after diamond. By mixing in resin, dyes and possibly small pieces of glass or mirrors fine effects and designs are achieved. Engineered stone has a closed surface and therefore does not need to be sealed. Quartz composite rock is only partially resistant to heat, so it is recommended to use a hot pot coaster to prevent thermal shock or discolouration. Due to its high quartz content, the engineered stone is largely scratch and cut resistant

Do you sell stone offcuts for my small project?

Yes you can buy stone offcuts from us. We always have a selection of marble, granite and engineered stone offcuts available for sale. Just come to our yard and select a stone you like. 

I want to replace my old benchtops tops while keeping existing cabinets. Do I need to clear out the cupboards?

Installation of stone benchtops may require final adjustments and some cutouts need to be carried out on site during installation. It is therefore recommended that customers remove items from cabinets which will ensure that cleaning is easier after installation.