Not all stone is the same!

Compared to the relatively cheap price of wood or laminate, a stone benchtop is a bigger investment, but it will pay off.

Hardly any material is so resistant to the daily stresses in the kitchen. With proper care and proper handling, a kitchen benchtop made of stone will look like new even after many years.

There are various types of natural stone and quartz stone variants in a wide variety of colours to choose from. The type of stone you choose determines the characteristics of your kitchen worktop. Marble and granite are classics and they will never go out of fashion. Stone literally comes in thousands of colours and textures so chances are that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

There are many advantages of using stone benchtops and splashbacks in a kitchen. They are very durable, easy to clean, very hygienic (therefore also suitable for commercial kitchens), waterproof, a large colour selection is available and they add value.

Bathroom vanities

Floor, walls and benchtops

A special aspect of stone countertops is their uniqueness. As with humans, no one resembles the other. Each piece of stone is unique and makes your bathroom something very special. In addition, natural stone is not a novel fashion material, but has proven itself as a timeless and classic material. In addition, a stone benchtop looks very classy and luxurious and can turn any bathroom into a gem.


Don’t use engineered stone outdoors

Outdoor kitchens are the ultimate next stage after the BBQ on a trolley. Global Marble & Granite are a manufacturer of natural stone benchtops which will resist the harsh UV rays here in Perth. Don’t ever use any of the engineered Quartz stones outdoors. Man made stone just won’t last outdoors and you will not have warranty.

Wall cladding

Create a feature wall with stone

There are endless possibilities to use stone on walls. For example, cladding your shower wall with stone gives you a nice smooth finish with far less and smaller grout lines then when using tiles. Stone was created by nature and is used to harsh weather conditions and therefore the ideal material to be used as an external building material.
Regardless if you want to clad an external or internal wall with stone, Global Marble & Granite has the expertise to give you the best job possible.

Stone steps and floor covering

Hard wearing stone for steps and floor

Marble and granite have been used as floor coverings and staircases for centuries. Hard wearing stone has many advantages over other floor coverings such as carpet or timber. Stone is much more scratch resistant than timber and it will not warp or swell when you accidentally spill some water on it. Natural stone looks beautiful and can be used on all floors and staircases or you can just have a nice feature entry or first step and riser only.

Custom stone projects

One-off custom stone design

Stone is very versatile and can be used in all sorts of applications. If you need stone for custom designed furniture, a stone table, or any other special stone work, such as letter engraving we at Global Marble & Granite have the experience and the machinery to do almost any task. Just give us a call and we will advise you.

We cover all stone manufacturing requirements in Perth and regional WA from Esperance to Broome.

Below is a list of the most common work we do. Don’t hesitate to call us if your requirement is not listed as we are well equipped with modern CNC machinery to do most tasks.

  • stone kitchen benchtops
  • stone bathroom vanities
  • stone ensuite vanity
  • stone kitchen splashback
  • stone fireplace mantle
  • marble fireplace hearth
  • stone wall cladding
  • marble or granite tables
  • stone water features
  • stone furniture
  • granite and marble staircase
  • marble and granite floor
  • stone alfresco benchtops
  • stone barbeque benchtops
  • stone pizza oven benchtops
  • outdoor kitchen
  • stone engraving
  • special stone work
  • CNC work as required